“In community, instead of being ignored, denied, hidden, or changed, human differences are celebrated as gifts.”

                                           M. Scott Peck, The Different Drum
Active community participation is one of the key ingredients of an empowered community and participation is also critical to    community success.

East Lawndale welcomes the residents of this community to become actively involved and participate in its efforts to making it one of the most sustainable communities in the East End..  Whether it is serving in one of the association’s committee, such as:  Beautification, Citizens on Patrol, Event’s Planning, or supporting the association in other East End committees, such as, East End Community Coalition (EECC), METRO’s Community Advisory Board, HPD – Positive Interaction Program (PIP), we need your support and input.  There is no such thing as a bad idea.  All ideas are treated with respect and are a source of inspiration with potential value for the whole community.  We encourage all residents to offer their best for the common good of the community.


If interested in getting involved and sharing your skills and talents, click on the heading entitled Information and Forms.  Complete the Volunteer Form and save it as a .pdf file and submit via  East Lawndale’s email address:  [email protected] or you may bring the form at the next civic association meeting.