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EAST LAWNDALE CIVIC ASSOCIATION    PO BOX 231243, Houston, Texas 77223-1243

East Lawndale Civic Association (ELCA) was organized on April 1, 1971 and to this day continues to remain an active organization dedicated and committed in preserving the beauty and character of the neighborhood for future generations.


Nestled in the historic East End part of Houston, Forest Hill and Mason Park subdivisions were developed in close proximity to Brays Bayou enhancing the area with its natural beauty and serenity.   And to further compliment Brays Bayou, a newly created wetland environment encompassing 3.5 acres was unveiled in Mason Park on October 27, 2006. Wetland environments, like this one in Mason Park, are important to the health of waterways and their surrounding eco-systems for a variety of reasons:  (1) act as a buffer for storm runoff, (2) filter pollutants out of the water as it flows through them, and (3) act as habitat for a variety of aquatic plants, animals, and fish.  Since the creation of the wetlands, one can view an array of wild life.


Our neighborhood is surrounded by four of the largest green spaces in Houston and certainly the inner loop. Villa Del Matel, Gus Wortham Golf Course, Forest Park Cemetery, and Mason Park.